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Valium is a tranquilizer of benzodiazepine derivatives. Valium is characterized by anticonvulsive, muscle relaxant properties, and somnolent and sedative action on an organism.

Indication to application

Valium 10 mg is indicated to the patients suffering from neurosis, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, epilepsy and other diseases associated with nervous system disorders. Also Valium is successfully applied in treatment of schizophrenia, organic lesions of the brain, somatic diseases, and fear. Valium 10 mg is applied before surgery of the patients.

Preparation action

Valium action reduces excitability of subcrustal structures of the brain, due to inhibition of polysynaptic spinal reflexes. Also there is inhibition of motor nerves and function of muscles. There is arterial pressure drop and expansion of coronary vessels. Action of Valium is observed approximately in 2-7 days of drug application.

Contra-indications to application

Valium 10 mg is allowed for application only in accordance to the doctor’s indication. You should carefully follow the prescription and dosages.

The drug application is forbidden in case if you have

  • hypersensitivity,
  • acute diseases of liver and kidneys,
  • myasthenia,
  • closed glaucoma.

It is not recommended at alcoholic intoxications, and also in pregnancy and during breast-feeding.

It should be noted that during Valium 10 mg application, you should reduce physical and intellectual activity when fast reaction and concentration is required.

Side effects

Valium is approved by the World Health Organization and allowed as over-the-counter drug. But despite it, some different adverse reactions of an organism as response to Valium taking may be observed.

They can be experienced in the form of drowsiness, dizziness, undue fatigability, and headache. Sometimes there are loss of vision, frequent urination, and constipation.

At long Valium 10 mg application in rare cases the drug addiction has been observed. You should avoid rapid termination of Valium treatment.

You should decrease gradually a dose and come to ultimate refusal to avoid undesirable side effects.

Valium supply

Valium is supplied in various forms: pills, injections, syrup. It is convenient for different patients in various situations.

The drug dose for adults is 2,5-5 mg one or two times a day with further increase up to 5-10 mg. For children and people suffering from any diseases the dose is administered by the doctor.